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The best Nikon Z6ii camera rig and how to build it.

Nikon Z6ii rig setup video and how I built the ultimate video rig...

What’s in my Smallrig Nikon z6ii rig kit and what do you really need?

We that’s your first question you need to ask yourself and what works for one person might not for another so this rig review is going to explain my two different setups and how they work for me in each situation.

One of these rigs should be nearly perfect for you.

1.- Serious setup for the day long shoots, serious gear for jobs where nothing else will do.

2.- Small and powerful setup for run and gun shooting. It all packs down to a very compact size but yields great results.

The one thing you are going to need for nearly any rig setup is a camera cage as this is the foundation of your kit and where it all bolts together. So go buy a good cage and my recommendation is the SmallRig Nikon Z6ii cage model 2824 I have a review here or you can also watch the unboxing video below.
Now do you have to have a camera cage for all these setups?

No, you don’t, the last setup is proof of that but before we get to the basic setup lets have a look at the serious kit first.

My serious day long setup

When you are going on a day long shoot and time is not an issue nor is weight but the priority is the best result then my default setup is the one in the video below. I have a full run through on the build and how I put it together.

Nikon Z6ii camera rig components and how to build it

Small and powerful setup

This really is an incredibly compact easy to use and cheap setup requiring only three components and it all packs down beautifully also.
If I am just out and about recently with my camera gear this is my go to kit for it’s sheer diversity and compact size and more importantly tiny footprint in my bag. So stick with me while I explain why this tiny kit is so valuable to me.
Kit contents 
1.- Formatt Hitech 6-stop Variable ND filter (no longer available). 
I will be adding a video on this setup shortly but until then let me tell you why I picked an L Bracket and not a camera cage. 
This model of L Bracket is ideal as the side bracket can be extended out from the camera body far enough so you can easily then slide your hand in and use it as a side handle. How cool is that?
When you are finished, you can unlock it and slide it back in place again. 
The Formatt Hitech 6 stop variable ND filter is also incredibly compact and has a tiny footprint. 

So with these two items I have enough control over my camera and it’s depth of field to help me create exactly the look I want for my footage.

Will this small compact kit ever replace my main kit? Absolutely not, but sometimes the best camera you have is the camera you have with you and with the smaller footprint, this rig is usually with me.