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Photography websites, where to start and which ones are best!!!

A good fast responsive website is vital now.

Now that might seem a bit obvious to most of ye but let me just say that again it really is absolutely vital in these times.
If you don’t have a website or it’s an old outdated one then you are shooting yourself in the foot on the digital marketing side of things.
Sure social media is great and it can do a good bit for your business but it’s nowhere near as good as a proper website. I have worked for some amazing companies over the years and none of that would have been possible without a solid website after all people want to see your work before they commission you or hire you for a project. If it was you wouldn’t you want to have a serious look at their work and not just through social media but your proper galleries and your selection of work.
I have several websites up and running at the moment 4 in total now the main ones people know about are this one and 
The reason for two different websites was to separate  my landscape photography work from my commercial work…. wait what you are a commercial photographer? Yes I am and that’s where I make my money, landscape photography is my passion though… anyway enough about that let’s have a look at the different articles below.
If you have any questions on any of the below articles then please do feel free to reach out to me as I am only too happy to help.