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My Photography Workshops in Ireland for 2024.

A selection of images from my Photography Workshops from around Ireland

From Beginners to Experts : I have a Photography Workshop for you.

Are you passionate about photography? Looking to improve your photography skills? Then my photography workshops in Ireland are perfect for you. From beginners all the way up to professional photographers I cater for everyone no matter where you are on your photography journey.

I personally have a very simple photography technique and process that I share with all my clients on the day. This technique helps to take the pressure off me so I can relax and enjoy not only my photography more but those moments out and about with the camera also.

Photography isn’t rocket science but it is a beautiful mix of creative skill and technical ability. On my workshops I keep it all simple and teach you how to both seperate and combine those two aspects of photography and also more importantly how and when to seperate the two so you can connect more with your own work.

Owenahincha beach sunset

My full list of Photography workshops in Ireland are directly below but you also have the option of a one to one workshop you can also book it for a private group photography workshop if you want.

A Photography from one of my workshop locations in West Cork.

Photography workshop dates in 2024

  • More workshop dates coming for August and September soon.
  • Or you can book a one to one photography workshop with me via my availability calendar on that page.
A client on a photography workshop enjoying the views

Photography Workshop Locations

The listed Photography Workshops in Ireland above are based in West Cork but I also run workshops in County Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Clare and Donegal.

Irelands breath taking landscapes, amazing beaches and spectacular cliffs make it one of the best places in the world for photography workshops as its ever changing light and conditions make you think on your feet and push you out of your confort zone at times but I firmly beleive this is how we grow and develop as photographers.

Simply pick one of the dates above or alternatively if you would prefer a bespoke one to one workshop then please do contact me and we can arrange a date that suits you.

I have been running my photography workshops in Ireland now for nearly 10 years and my clients have varied wildly from full time professional photographers all the way through to complete beginners.

I suppose the point here is we are all learning and yes, I still learn something new every week as photography itself is constantly evolving. I firmly believe the day you stop learning is the day you start going backwards.

I have a blog post on Seascape Photography here which includes my top tips, I also have a article on Long Exposure Photography here or even better why not check out my top 5 camera accessories for your camera bag here (they all cost less than €30 in total).

I will be releasing my Copper Coast 2024 Workshop dates soon also. I am finally getting back to doing these again. So stay tuned for new dates coming soon, or contact me if you would like to find out about them before everyone else.

I hope to be releasing Dingle Workshops for 2024 also.

Sunset at Giants Causeway Co Antrim, Ireland

Why pick one of my workshops and whats covered on them.

Firstly, as I am a brand ambassador for several companies I can supply you with a spare professional carbon fibre tripod and professional 100mm Nd filters, a graduated filter and a filter holder for your own personal use on the day.

I can also loan you a professional f-stop camera bag for the day if you want to try one of the several different bags I own. That is on a first come first served basis as I only own one of each bag. The range is currently at…. Lotus 25L, Ajna 37L, Tilopa 50L and Sukha 60L.

So before the workshop even starts that’s a nice little bonus for you.

The workshops are all fairly easy going events and I try to keep it all as straight forwared as possible as let’s face it life is complicated enough 🙂 Now if you want to get really technical that’s no problem either, it’s up to you.

What’s covered on a workshop?

Composition and how to frame your images with some incredibly handy real world tips and tricks.

Camera Angles and how they can completely transform the photograph for your viewer.

Style and how to develop your own style in photography, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Photography Process… How you approach a photograph and what’s involved in actually taking one.

The right headspace for creativity, it’s only when you have it that you realise what you were missing.

How to Enjoy your photography more and take the stress out of it.

Improve your strike ratio… I personally aim for a 95% plus success rate with each of my photographs.

I am also available to answer any question you may have after the workshop via email.

Owenahincha beach seascape taken at sunset during a photography workshop

What do you need for a workshop?

All you really need is a camera, a charged battery, space on your cameras memory card and an interest in photography.

It might also be handy to have an extra layer of clothing with you and a pair of wellies or waterproof boots.

I have everything else you might need including spare tripods, filters and a few other bits and pieces.

If you have any questions then please do feel free to ask me as I am only too happy to help.

See you out there,

Some of my client reviews for my Photography Workshops in Ireland.