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f-stop camera bags and accessories.

The f-stop camera bags and accessories I use.

I am delighted to be a apart of the f-stop team and to be an ambassador for their range of awesome products.


I currently own the following f-stop camera bags

f-stop Ajna 40L camera bag

f-stop Tilopa 50L camera bag

f-stop Sukha 60L camera bag

Out of the three bags I have to say my favourite has to be the Ajna. I absolutely love that camera bag and it holds a massive amount of gear in it.

The Tilopa and Sukha obviously hold more equipment but the overall size of the Ajna bag is just right for me and I also find it super comfortable.


I will be adding a video and review of these bags here soon so don’t be shy and check back with me again in a few weeks to find out more.

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