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Themify Coupon Code 2022 to save you some serious money.

Themify logo and discount code

My Themify Coupon code for 2022.


I am very happy to say that the team over at Themify have given me an extra 20% off Themify coupon code for their range of wordpress themes. It can be stacked on top of yearly and bundle offers that they have on the their product pages.

Themify Ultra is what I am running on this website right now and I am currently getting a Google page speed insights score of 100 on Desktop and 100 on mobile!!! To say this theme is fast is a massive understatement. Click here to find out how I managed to get a 100 score on Mobile after you use the coupon code below of course 🙂

Click the “show code” button below to save yourself 20% off their range of themes. This does three amazing things.

1.- It opens a new tab with my special link for website.

2.- It reveals the Themify Discount code, then just click on the “copy code” button and go to their website.

3.- I pay to have a tree planted everytime my Themify Discount code is used. So you save money, I get a little bit of a commission (helps me run this website and write articles like the 100 page speed insights post) and a new tree gets planted… so it’s a win win for everyone. 

20% off Discount Code


Themify Coupon Code

Simply click the "Show Code" button below to get the coupon, copy it and click "Go to offer" to open the Themify website and get your discount. 

More Less

This is my second year now with Themify Ultra and I just paid for the Lifetime membership which is a bargain for what you get. It includes all the Themes, Plugins and PSD files for $250.- but with my Themify discount code you pay less than $200.- for the complete package and a lifetime membership so no yearly update costs…. now of course you can update it every year and still save the 20% off.

How the Themify Coupon Code works

My Themify discount code gives you 20% off all their products

I also get a commission for each sale made with the discount code, out of which I pay for a tree to be planted (with every sale) so it’s a win win for you, me and Mother Nature, so please do use it to save a bit of money and share it with your friends 🙂

I personally use the Ultra theme myself and I paid full price for it after I was recommended to use it by a great web designer friend.
I have a full Themify Ultra review here if you are interested in reading it. Which explains exactly why it’s one of the best Wordpress themes out there for speed and SEO.
Not only is it mobile response fast and clean looking but it’s also just so easy to use. I have used Squarespace, Pixpa and Zenfolio for my websites platforms before and it was simple swapping over to Wordpress and Themify. Their Pro builder is a joy to use it’s basically drag and drop but you can also do so much more with it if you want.

I also looked at Elementor but Elementor worked out a lot more expensive on an ongoing basis and there was practically no difference between them. When I say Elementor was more expensive what I mean is in my situation I have 3 websites and I could buy the just a single theme for $59.- and use it on all my websites with Elementor it was $49.- for only one website.

Elementor was also slower as it was a bit more bloated, so that was the decision made for me.

Sure, it’s is not the only theme builder out there but after a few chats with my friend and after a lot of research myself I found it to be the best one for me.

I am just sorry I didn’t get 20% off it myself 🙂
After using the Ultra wordpress theme for several months I reached out to the team and asked if they would be willing to provide a Themify discount code or coupon code for my clients and readers and after a few chats they very willing did.
So to get 20% off the range of products and you can also go for the Master club giving you all 42 themes, 11 plugins, 25 builder addons and 5 PTB addons. 
I originally purchased the Master Club as my thinking was I could try them all out for the first year and see which ones worked out best for me then.
For my second year using the Ultra theme I went all in and purchased the Lifetime membership. So that’s where I am now and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

I have a full Themify Ultra review here if you are interested in reading it. Which explains exactly why it is one of the best Wordpress themes out there for SEO. 

I have affiliate links on this page and for every sale made I pay to have a tree planted, you save money and I get a little bit also so it’s a win win for everyone. I would also like to add I purchased the Themify range of themes with my own money and will gladly do so again. 

See you out there, 
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