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Luimnar Neo Version 1.02 and what’s in it exactly?

Luminar Version 1.02 and why this is so very important.

Now anyone looking at this might think this is nothing to shout about and why even write a blog post about a small Luminar Neo update.
This is where I say this is so very much more than just a small software update… this is a software update coming from the middle of a warzone. This shows courage, fighting spirit and commitment to their clients.
Before I go any further I would urge you to support Skylum and support Ukrainian companies through this incredibly hard time.
So if you dont already own Luminar Neo now would be a great time to buy it. There is also a nice bonus in it for you as for the next 2 weeks they have $10, €10 or £10.- off with my discount code below.

I think anyone and everyone at this stage has seen the destruction that has happened in the Ukraine by the Russian army and I don’t care what beliefs, religion, nationality or politics you have the war in the Ukraine caused by the invading country Russia is just wrong on every level.

The targeting of civilians and civilian buildings has been utterly gut wrenching to watch especially as I have a good few friends living in the Ukraine as well as a good few of the Skylum team.
Just a few days before the Russian invasion I was on a zoom call with them talking about Luminar Neo and what’s planned for the future, that seems like months ago and I can only imagine what they have gone through since.
That has been something that has stuck with me ever since and then seeing and hearing they were sleeping in underground shelters and fearing for their lives just days later is mind blowing.
Loosing contact with people for days and the relief to see a message from them then again.
A fellow Irish journalist and camera tragically lost his life during the week while working in the Ukraine he was shot by the Russian Amy while doing his job as have been a few other journalists. I could talk about the hospitals that have been destroyed by Russian bombing but that’s not the point of this post.
You can see how strong and determined the people are when you see ordinary people forming human barricades to stop the advance of the Russian tanks with the very real fear of being run over by a tank that is true courage.
I could personally talk about this for hours but that’s not why you are here.
I should also point out that Skylum have a lot of personnel now based outside of the Ukraine so no matter what happens this software is going to continue to improve and develop going forward.

Luminar Neo version 1.02 details.

  1. The ability to sync your adjustments easily in the Catalog Tab.
  2. Copy and Paste function now working on edits also.
  3. 3D Transform is now working so you can transformed or scaled you can use the sliders to fine tune perspective distortion.
  4. PNG files with Alpha (transparency) in layers can now be used in Luminar Neo.
  5.  The Frames per second on the sliders have been improved on also giving you better feedback on your adjustments.
  6. Add folder and files using “Add Photos” on windows is now working.
  7. There have also been a good few bug fixes on Luminar Neo to give you a better experience while editing your photographs.

As I said already this truly is more than just a software update this is a statement of Intent from Skylum.

Now obviously there are a lot of other things we are looking for but I think considering the massive struggle they must be going through right now we can wait on for another small bit for some of those updates.

How to Download Luminar Neo 1.02

On Mac OS

Click on Luminar Neo in the top menu bar and choose Check for Updates.

On Windows

Click on Luminar Neo in the left hand corner and click on Help then select Check for Updates.
Looking forward to the next update but more importantly I hope you all stay safe and health is wealth everyone.
See you out there,