Nikon Z Series Video Tips and Tricks

Nikon Z series video tips

Welcome to my 12 Nikon video tips and tricks these are going to really help your videography.

These are the tips I wish I knew when starting out in Videography & Cinematography combined with the right setting for your Z6, Z6ii, Z7, Z7ii and in fact all Z series Nikon cameras.

So I actually went one step further than sharing my 12 tips in the video below… I also added three very useful bonus tips that are incredibly handy.

So fifteen tips in one video!!! This is all you really need to know when starting out, I have the video broken into chapters so feel free to skip through to the relevant one but a word of warning here…. It’s also important to know why these settings are important so if you don’t have time today then do save the video for playback later and have a serious look through it as I guarantee you it will be worth it.

This is just one of many videos I have posted already and I am currently working on for the Z series so do please subscribe and you can checkout the full playlist at the tend of the article below…

Or checkout my video and article on my Full Nikon rig build here

So have a look at the video and as always if you have any questions please do feel free to reach out as I am only too happy to help.

Thanks for watching and checkout the Nikon Z series tips section below.

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Did you know the Z6ii and Z7ii have hidden shutter Speeds settings for long exposure settings which is incredibly useful.
I will be adding more videos on the Nikon Z series including the upcoming Z6iii camera and what specs it looks like it is going to have. I have a blog post here on the Z6iii future specs and release date here.
See you out there,