Nikon Z6iii News and when will it be released?

Nikon Z6iii specifications and when it will be launched.

Nikon Z6iii price, specifications and release date.

The Nikon Z6iii has to be one of the most eagerly awaited Nikon full frame cameras as of yet and I have to say judging by the spec list it’s clear to see why.

Before we get into the Nikon Z6iii specs though can we just take a minute to look at the sheer volume of home runs Nikon have hit recently, their latest full frame camera releases from the Z9, Z8 and now the ZF have been huge hits so far and are setting new standards in the camera market.

The new Nikon Z series lenses are simply sublime, even just looking at the 85mm F1.2 and the Plena 135mm F1.8 these two lenses are truly exceptional and are yet again setting new optical standards in the photography industry.

So, I for one am exceptionally excited about the pending Nikon Z6iii, this camera is going to be truely exceptional and could very well be the best camera for Hybrid shooters that Nikon or any other brand has ever made.

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Nikon Z6iii Specifications

So what can we expect in the Nikon Z6iii?

  • Improved Af system… taking all the best parts form the Z8 and Z9 AF system will give the Z6iii a serious step up in AF performance. This is happening and it’s going to be one of the serious game changers about the Z6iii.
  • Sensor size This is a slightly funny one as rumours everywhere state it’s going tobe a 24mp BSI sensor but I am still hearing it could very well be over 30mp. This could be the point though that makes the Nikon Z6iii the best hybrid camera on the market. 30mp plus is going to be great if it happens, that would be a nice sweet spot between high resolution images and great low light performance.
  • Unlimited internal recording… Yes, we will now have no limits on the internal recording time thankfully, which again is going to be a nice step up from the Z6ii.
  • Card Slot… The CFExpress type B card slot is rumoured to be Gen 3.0 again the same as the Z8 and Z9.
  • N-log and raw internal Recording This will be standard on the Z6iii, well that should never have been in question should it?
  • The same body size more or less well slightly more but not aa Z8 size so we will get more space on the grip and this is also going to be very important for heat dissipation too.
  • The same EnEl15C battery format is also looking like it’s going to happen. That will be awesome speaking as someone who owns 11 EN-EL15 batteries.
  • Increased frame rate options… well that was always going to happen, the real question here is will 8K 30 be an option? 6K options are going to be included I am told, this will give you cropping and more editing options for your 4k footage, which is going to be a nice bonus. will it have 8k? That was always going to be one of the biggest question marks about the Z6iii, not only would it have it but would it be capable of keeping the camera body cool enough for longer recording times. I was told recently the new CF Express Type B Generation 4.0 cards are going to be able to make this all a reality. This brings us to heat… Let me explain below.

Nikon Z6iii heat: why its a problem and also a good thing.

Yes, I am already talking about an issue in something that hasn’t even been released as of yet and why this is really good news for us all.
Notice how I didn’t say it hasn’t been manufacturered yet, there is a strong hint there 🙂
The video side of the Z6iii is where we are going to see the serious overheating issues, the increased resolution for photography and the slightly higher frame rates are apparently not an overheating issue, rememeber though this is no Nikon Z8.
The Z8 already struggles with over heating, well not the camera itself but the cards do so. So cramming all that into an even smaller form factor is only going to make matters worse yet again… Is there any way out of it though and is it even possible?
Yes, it is and it’s not only on the way but it has arrived, type B Gen 4.0 CF Express cards are far more efficient and hence they run a lot cooler than any other CF Express card has before, now the bad news is this is new technology so yes you guessed it, the price of a type 4.0 card is a bit higher atm. Once the price of these cards drop a bit more I am told we can expect to see a Nikon Z6iii launch then.

So, when will we know what exactly is going to happen with the Z6iii?

I am told now that we won’t see the Z6iii until after the first quarter of 2024 and sadly that’s looking very likely now alright. With the Z6ii to be announced in April May 2024 and if what I am hearing is true we could see the product actually hit the shelves from mid 2024 onwards, a word of warning here though stocks are going to be an issue for the first two or three months as this camera is going to be hugely popular.

For now though I think all of the above improvements are going to make this camera an incredibly serious option for all the hybrid shooters out there. With the added bonus of the stunning range of Nikon Z lenses and with third party lens manufacturers now jumping on board we could see the Z mount finally kicking off properly in 2024.

If you are like me and you are waiting for the Z6iii then you have a bit more to wait for now sadly but I am betting on having mine by June/July 2024.

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Until then I will see you out there,