Nikon Plena Lens : What is this new Nikon lens?


Nikon Plena what is it and when are they coming?

The hot news off the press is that a Nikon Plena lens will be announced on the 27th of Septemeber 2023, there is little to no confirmed information out there on this Plena lens yet but I have been told this lens is going to be a truly special beast.

There were rumblings of a new line up coming out a few months back and earlier on in the year in February Nikon quietly went ahead and patented the name Plena.

So the first question I asked was what was is Plena and when is it coming?

That was when I was told it’s not a “what is it” it’s more of a what are they….

Now as you can imagine my interest was peaked and I immediately started to think oh a dedicated range of cinema lenses, that’s going to be epic but that was where this all took a turn for the dramatic… I was told “it’s a lot better than that and you will love them”.

Wow wait “them” what’s this them about are there more of them, when are they coming? What are they?

You can see the official Nikon Plena teaser video below.

Tell Me Now And Take My Money.

From what I have been told the Nikon Plena are a premium range of lenses and the first one we are to see is suppossedly going to be a 135mm F2 or F1.8 Plena lens, now as you can imagine I was more than surprised by this and then the best part was slipped out… “Oh ya it’s supposedly going to have a Defocus Control and the optics are going to be exquisite”. 

I had a hard time trying to figure this all out and even worse trying to imagine the price…. These Nikon Plena lenses are not going to be cheap. I am guessing there is going to be a serious premium involved but it could truly be worth it. Looks like we kind of have have our gold badge back in the Nikon Plena lenses again.

The big question is how much truth is in all this? We know a new Nikon Plena lens is coming but could it really be a Z series Defocus Control lens? Is it all just hype and have Nikon just slipped out some fake rumours?

I am told no, this was the ace they had up their sleeve. I guess we will all see exactly what they are on the 27th of September.

Until then I am going to go rip out a kidney and clear out some space in my bag for a new Plena lens. On a positive note it’s my birthday tomorrow so maybe I should just add this to my wish list 🙂

Oh and Nikon if you are reading this please do send out a free sample for testing I would love that and I can exchange it for that kidney.

See you out there,