ON1 Photo Raw 2023 Super Select AI Review

ON1 Super Select AI Review

Welcome to my ON1 Super Select AI review – part of Photo Raw 2023.

ON1 have really done a great job so far with Photo Raw 2023 and the new On1 Super Select AI facility is not only incredibly handy but it makes editing a photograph a very simple and fast job, which is fantastic news for all of us.

How does Super Select AI work?

Super Select AI uses semantic masking to help you easily edit your images by breaking it down into specific sections or parts and it automatically applies masks to those areas then, you can easily edit those masks with the presets in ON1 and best of all this is done live so you just have to hover over the effect and there it is on screen in realtime.

Now, that might sound a bit complicated but it is really easy to use. If you check out my video below you can see me easily edit a photograph in no time with the aid of these semantic mask.

As you can see from the video above this is still in BETA form and when the fully featured version comes out I will update this blog post and refresh my review.

The ability to easily and quickly break your image down into relevant sections with Super Select AI is just amazing. As you could see from the photograph in the video above it really works very well even though the masking has yet to be refined as this is only a sample pre-release version. You can then apply the edits with a live preview which makes it all so simple. If I wasn’t recording the video and talking at the time I would have easily edited that shot in under a minute which is just mind blowingly fast.

Once the masking has been improved and a few more little bugs fixed this will be one great bit of editing software. So well done to everyone over at ON1 for the great work.

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How do you use Super select AI

To select Super Select AI you simple go to the magic eraser style symbol in the left side panel and click on it.
Then when you hover your mouse pointer over different parts of the image you will see a red mask has been applied to specific areas already.
To select the mask and edit that part of the image you Left click on your mouse which then turns the mask blue so you know it has been select and you can now edit it.
Next Right click on the image and a list of presets will pop-up once you hover over any of these presets you will see the preset has been applied to the masked area so you can see what the effect looks like.
This is all done in realtime which is super handy as it eliminates any guess work, once you find the preset or effect you want you click on it and the effect is applied to the image and then on the right panel there is an effect window where you can not only change the opacity (strength) of the effect but there are also a few more controls in there to adjust the effect (it’s different for nearly each effect).
Then you just go to the next part of your scene and select the next masked area and do the same thing. In my photograph there where three different masked areas and it took no time to edit the shot exactly how I wanted it.

Who needs Super Select?

Anyone that applies masks to their images and really doesn’t enjoy spending 10 mins plus painting in those layer masks. This is going to be a serious time saver. The effects showing up in realtime are also incredibly handy and it just streamlines the whole editing process.

ON1 Super Select AI Conclusion.

Super Select AI is a fantastic addition to ON1 Photo Raw 2023 and combined with Tack Sharp AI and Keyword AI as well as a few other features this is one great bit of photography editing software now.
So for me it’s a massive thumbs up and well done ON1, I for one think this is a huge improvement over Photo Raw 2022.
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