Luminar AI Portrait Bokeh AI In Luminar AI version 4

Luminar AI Portrait Bokeh AI In Luminar AI version 4

Portrait Bokeh AI in Luminar AI tutorial and demo video

Luminar AI has now reached its end of life and has been replaced by Luminar Neo you can read my full Luminar Neo Review here where I will be sharing why it has surpassed Luminar AI incl it’s specifications and features.

I also have a blog post here comparing Luminar Neo vs Luminar AI.

Bokeh AI

This has to be one of the features I have been really looking forward to using in Luminar AI. Since before Luminar AI was launched and I was told in a meeting that this was coming to life and soon I could hardly believe it, now in saying that I also thought ah ya right how well could this really work??? Well in the video below you will see me editing 6 different images for the first time and with no edits to the video or retakes this is how well the software works.

Portait Bokeh AI in Luminar AI is stunning.

Luminar AI Portrait Bokeh AI review editing 6 images with Bokeh AI

Check out my video below on Portrait Bokeh AI

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I have the video in chapters so you can quickly skip from one chapter to the next and see the image at the start and after editing this has been done for all six images edited with Bokeh AI and I finally go back and re-edit one of the images with Face AI also.

Bokeh AI is a wonderful tool to have in your photography arsenal and thankfully update 1.4 is a free update for Luminar AI owners. Bokeh AI adds so much more than just simply adding blur or a bokeh effect to your background as you can also change the colour temperature, brightness and highlights glow of the background also which all massively helps to create a better image and add separation to your photograph.

For me personally this has been one of the best updates to Luminar AI so far and I absolutely love Bokeh AI, it truly has made Luminar AI an amazing bit of software for editing portraits.

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