Topaz Photo AI vs Gigapixel AI review which one is the best?

Gigapixel AI VS Topaz Photo AI Review

Topaz Photo AI vs Gigapixel AI, which is better and why?

After a good few comments recently on my social media channels with people telling me that Topaz Photo AI is so much better than their individual editing apps I decided to put it to the test so here we have the first of three tests and welcome to my Topaz Gigapixel AI vs Topaz Photo AI review. Let the enlarging software battle begin.

Topaz Photo AI vs Gigapixel AI Price

Normally the very first thing I look at in my reviews is the price but as these two are really two different types of editing applications price is not really as important here. It’s more about the end result than anything else.

The Photographs being edited.

The five photographs I picked are all of different subjects backgrounds and sizes…

Shot 1 is 881 x 587 Pixels

Shot 2 is 1764 x 1176

Shot 3 is 1595 x 2233

Shot 4 is 1124 x 2001

Shot 5 is 3015 x 2009

As you can see they are all fairly low-resolution files and realistic file sizes. They were all upscaled x 4 in both applications and while the results are impressive one of the apps was better than the other and it may not be what you are thinking…

Have a look at my video below where I walk you through the editing of the files and show side by side results. I also have the video divided into chapters if you don’t want to see the editing process but look at the results.

I have a link at the end of this review where you can actually download the finished results  and zoom in as much as you want yourself, don’t just take my word for it….

Topaz Photo AI vs Gigapixel AI Review Conclusion.

The end result of this is that my previous experiences of Topaz Photo AI and Topaz Gigapixel AI have been fairly right and yes Topaz Photo AI might be handier having all three apps in one but if it’s not better or even as good as their own individual apps I for one won’t be using it.

I am expecting a massive amount of backlash on this review now as nothing sparks more debate than when you criticise something that someone else loves so strap yourself in Kieran and expect tons of emails telling you that you are so wrong….

As I said above you are more than welcome to download the edited results below to see for yourself how good both of these apps are.

Now to start the Denoise AI vs Topaz Photo AI Review. I should have that one up next week, just to be sure my inbox doesn’t go quiet for too mightly long 🙂

Click here to automatically start downloading the images

Feel free to check out my full Topaz Photo AI Review here.
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