Nikon Z 180-600mm Review

Man holding the Nikon Z 180-600mm lens.

Is the Nikon Z 180-600mm lens really that good?

I have had the Nikon Z 180-600mm lens now for three months and it truly is an exceptional especially considering its price. While it may not be an S series lens you genuinely wouldn’t know it as it truly feels like one.A few of the huge benefits of the Nikon Z 180-600mm lens…

  • The internal zoom and focus.
  • The focal length range is near perfect for budding wildlife or sports photographers.
  • Image sharpness is good, now it’s not ground breakingly good but for the price it’s exceptional.
  • The short throw ratio of the zoom to help you quickly zoom in and out to find your subject.

Internal Focus and Zoom

Having all the zooming and focusing done internally in the body helps massively with the weather sealing but also it really helps you balance the camera on your tripod as the glass is not shifting large distances when you zoom in and out, which can create an unbalance on your tripod.

Fantastic focal length variation.

The 180 to 600mm focal length range really covers a massive amount of ground and also the ability to be able to use this lens with a 1.4 or 2.0 teleconvertyor offers even more range again.
It really does make this lens a jack of all trades and one of the best superzooms on the market.

Image Sharpness

The Nikon Z180-600mm lens is sharp but it’s obviously not as sharp as a lot of the prime lenses from Nikon so if maximum sharpness is your ultimate goal then go with a prime lens. In saying that though I have founfd the lens to be very sharp up to about 500mm and only after that does it get a bit soft. Again I discuss this in a lot more detail in the video above.

Throw Ratio 

Now the real benfit of the Z 180-600mm lenss for me has to be the short throw ratio of the zoom ring, a quick 70 to 80 degree turn of the zoom ring brings you from 180 all the way up to 600mm so if you lose a bird inflight or a bit of action on a pitch you can quickly zoom out and then back in again to quickly grab the shot.

There is a reason why this has to be one of the most eagerly awaited Z series lenses worldwide and in my video above I show you exactly why that is. If you haven’t managed to get your copy yet then checkout your local dealer or grab a Nikon Z180-600 Lens on Amazon here.

I go into a lot more detail about AF speed and results in the video above so if you would like to know more then please do check that out.

Review conclusion.

The Nikon Z180-600mm lens is simply incredible value for money, the performance for the price is remarkable and the build quality is simply superb apart from the lens collar which is the one thing I think Nikon skimped on in this lens. I would highly recommend this lens to anyone interested in starting off in wildlife or sports photography for example, I go through the exact reason in the video below as well as an unboxing and full review and better still it’s all broken into chapters so you can find the part you are looking for straight away. While I have no affiliation with Nikon I must add I am a Nikon user myself and in all honesty I am loving the Z series line up of lenses so far. Speaking of affliation there is an Amazon affiliate link in this post, any slight commission I get helps me to produce videos like this going forward. See you out there, Kieran.