Neewer CM28 Lav Mic Review

Neewer CM28 Lav mic review image

Is the Neewer CM28 the best wireless Lav Mic kit available?

In this Neewer CM28 review we are going to have a serious look at not just its rich feature list but also its performance and if it really is the best wireless Lav Mic kit available today for the money.


  • Portable charging case to both store and charge your wireless lav kit while on the go.
  • 4GB of builtin memory in each of the mics which can give you up to 10 hours of uncompressed 48khz WAV file recordings on each mic!
  • One touch noise cancelling technology and wow does that work…. you can see it for yourself in my video below.
  • 200M range between mic and receiver.
  • Multiple connection modes via 3.5mm cable, USB C or Lightning connection so it will connect to your phone, tablet computer, audio recorder or camera in seconds with the accessories supplied.
  • Multiple attachment points for the mic via magnetic mount or clip on system.
  • Mic windshields also supplied in the kit.

CM28 Price.

So speaking of money the Neewer CM28 currently retails for $139.00 on the Neewer official website and the good news here is Neewer have given me a 21% off discount code HAYES21 to crazily save you even more money off this awesome kit.

Audio Quality

The best way to show you this is to watch the video below which I have broken into chapters so you can easily find the audio quality recording tests towards the end of the video. I have both an internal recording in a controlled envoirment and an external recording in very wind noise conditions testing the mic wind shield and the one touch noise reduction too of course which did an amazing job. 

You can buy the Neewer CM28 Mic on Amazon here or you can also get it on the Neewer website here.

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