Luminar Neo New Features and Studio Light AI Review.

Luminar Neo news and studio Light beta review

Upgrade you portraits with Studio Light AI from Luminar Neo.

Welcome to my Studio Light AI review, now it’s no secret that photography is changing incredibly quickly these days and the one company that seems to be staying ahead of the trend is Skylum as yet again they are adding more awesome features to Luminar Neo and Studio Light AI is no exception here.

As a fashion and portrait photographer I was immediately intrigued when I heard that Skylum were releasing this new addition to Luminar Neo and ever since I got the Beta version of Studio Light AI I have been playing with it and boy is this totally different to everything else out there. So well done Skylum for pushing the boundaries a bit further than anyone else yet again.

Is this going to be great for everyone? No, almost certainly not as let’s face it not everyone is into shooting portraits. Trust me there are days I feel like that also 🙂

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You can see my quick run Studio Light AI review video below if you want to know more about it.

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Luminar Neo Studio Light 6

Studio Light explained.

Studio light AI was released on the 31st of August 2023 and anyone on the Luminar Neo Pro subscription plan got it automatically, so there was no added charge for it.

So what does Studio Light do?

It basically adds lighting effects on people but it’s not just as simple as that… Studio Light AI has 3d depth mapping so it can see and shape the light to contours on the body and it gives incredibly realistic results which you can simply add in editing.

Again to see this in action properly it’s worthwhile watching the video above.

In the video above I am showcasing the Beta version where you only have the choice between Dots or Strips.

Luminar Neo Studio Light 4

After using this software now for several months I have to say it truly is incredible not only how the light is shaped but also how easy it is to use and control this clever bit of AI technology.

See you out there,

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