DxO Viewpoint 4 review, what exactly is it and do you even need it?

dxo viewpoint 4 review

DxO Viewpoint 4 is simply incredible if you shoot wide!

Viewpoint 4 is one of those bits of editing software that you never you knew you needed until now that is of course 🙂

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Distortion Control in Viewpoint 4

If you shoot with wide angle lenses a lot or lenses that have a good bit of distortion in them like Fish Eye lenses then this software could very well change the way you edit your photographs.

Viewpoint 4 does an incredible job at correcting mild and severe distortion in your images and you can use both the Auto or Manual controls to edit any distortion in your photographs.

If you click on Auto then Viewpoint 4 will look at the camera and the lens used and correctly apply the right amount of correction to the photograph.

You can also use the manual controls for finer control of the end results or say if your lens is a dumb lens which basically means it has no electronics in and the camera can’t then provide details on the lens that was used so auto won’t work then.

In manual you can select between Pincushion, Barrel and Fish Eye distortion, once you select the right one you can then adjust the slider control to adjust how much correction you want. I have a chapter in the video below where I show you how this works.

Volume Deformation tool in Viewpoint 4

The Volume Deformation tool is amazing at bring back proportions to your photographs so the extremities of your images are no longer stretched and distorted as much as they were before. I have a chapter in the video below dedicated to this tool where I show you how well it works and also how easy it is to use.

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Perspective Correction in ViewPoint 4

Viewpoint 4 has a great Perspective correction tool that not only helps you recover the correct perspective in your shots by helping to straighten horizontal and vertical lines but it can also help correct the view you show people in your work. I suppose the best way to see this is to watch the chapter for perspective correction in the video above.

The Reshape tool in Viewpoint 4

The reshape tool is a bit like the liquify tool only instead of just grabbing any point in your image and dragging it across the screen to warp or stretch it you can impose several different types of multi point grids on your photograph and grab one of those points and it will then stretch or warp that section of your photograph exactly the way you want it to look.
I have a chapter in the video above on the reshape tool in Viewpoint 4.

This review is a live review and over the next few days I will be adding more to it and sharing more details on this awesome bit of photography editing software.
So until then…
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