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Affiliate sales disclosure and where the money goes?

Affiliate sales and discount codes

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this page, I hope I can explain exactly how this works and how I get a slight commission for some sales made either through my affiliate links or my discount codes on my website and where the money goes.

I always try to be as transparent as possible on my website and this is the reason I set up this specific page.

If you click on a link via my website then chances are (and if I have done my job right) it’s an affiliate link… so what does that mean for you???

Well, nothing really, it costs you nothing and you don’t get charged for clicking on an affiliate link… in fact most of the time I am able to offer you a discount code to actually save you money so that’s positive isn’t it?

I also pay for a tree to be planted out of every sale made to help keep this planet beautiful, more on that below.

Now, I have to stress here I don’t advertise or promote products that I wouldn’t actually buy myself and yes companies do send me out products for free for review. 

That is really cool and I am always grateful but considering it takes at least a few days to properly test the product and then do the review, post articles and or videos it’s not exactly a money spinner for me but just something I enjoy doing…. 

Unless of course I don’t enjoy the product then it simply goes back and trust me that has happened a good few times already and that ends out costing me both time and money.

Commissions and what I spend it on?

I use this commission in three different ways…

1.- To maintain and run this website, yes it costs a bit of money to keep my 3 websites going and updated.

2.- I pay for a tree to be planted with every sale made via my link or with my discount code as my way of giving back a little to mother nature, let’s face it these days she needs all the help she can get.

3.- I use it to help pay my wages for the time I am writing all these articles and answering questions online and over the phone. Something needs to put food on the table sadly.

4.- It pays for my Porsche, 90 foot yacht, private jet and millionaires lifestyle… If only right!!!

What this website doesn’t do

I am very happy to say that don’t sell on any of your cookies to third parties and they are not stored by me…. Now you may well be thinking “wait!!! what did he say? selling cookies what the hell!!!” Yes that’s a real thing and website sell on your cookie data so advertising can be directed towards you more efficiently, scary isn’t it? Not alone is it scary but it’s also a nice money spinner.

I also don’t use Google Adsense or any other Advertising platform so you won’t see any targeted advertising on my website, well other than my own ads for other blog posts or reviews you might be interested in 🙂 so again that’s another way websites make money from visitors and why you see so many ads on most sites.

If you have any questions then as always I am more than happy to answer them just fire me over an email and I will get back to you asap if I am not out driving my Porsche or sailing my 90 foot yacht around one of my private islands in the Caribbean ofcourse (I can dream right!!!).

See you out there,