Will AI kill Photography and does photography matter anymore?

Will AI kill Photography

Will AI kill Photography as we know it?

I believe we are now at a turning point for photography when AI has advanced so much that it could possibly be either a serious threat for photography or one of the best photography tools to have been developed for years.

As some of you might know I am an Adobe, DXO, Skylum and ON1 partner and I also up until last year worked with Topaz Labs so I have been kept well in the loop on all the advances we have seen so far and also the ones to come.

For awhile now I wasn’t actually too sure myself on how I felt about all this but I finally put up a video on my thoughts and how I see this all going for us photographers out there so go on have a quick watch and let me know what you think and where you think this is going?

Thanks for watching and I hope that my completely unscripted video with my honest thoughts has helped you decide on how you feel about this and if you do have strong thoughtsd on it then please do feel free to comment on the video.

You could well believe I got this all completely wrong and if so I would love to hear why?

See you out there,