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My Topaz Video Enhance AI Review and exclusive promo code.

Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI review

Welcome to my Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI review.

So just how good is Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI and what does it do? What system requirements do you need to run it smoothly and it’s features all discussed and explained here.
I hope to answer all of the above in this review with the aid of videos and tech specs explaining and showing just how good it really is.

Price of  Video Enhance AI

It normally retails for about $299.- but if you are lucky they have it on offer at times for $199.- there are also some amazing offers on Video Enhance AI from time to time and you can get it cheaper than that.
The nice people over at Topaz Labs have given me a 15% off Video Enhance AI promo code which works all year round and on top of all other special offers and sale pricesClick here to go to my Topaz Labs promo code page (open in a new tab so you can keep reading here also).

15% off Discount Code.


Topaz Labs Discount Code

My Topaz Labs Discount code to give you an additional 15% off all Topaz Labs Products via their website. Simply click on the show code button below and it will automatically open the topaz labs website in a new tab. Just copy and paste the code and you save 15%.

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Features of  Video Enhance AI

Video Enhance AI comes with several features the principal ones are…
Frame Rate Conversion

Upscaling your video with Video Enhance AI

Yes you read that right you can upscale your videos from SD to HD and beyond with this AI driven software and it works and I have to say it works really well. Is it as good as original footage filmed in that resolution? Well no it’s not but it makes a big difference when you are restoring old video files which let’s face it are priceless to most of us. Combining Denoising and Restoration features with the upscaling helps to bring those moments into the digital age and wow is it worth the time doing that.
So before we go any further I would highly suggest you have a look at the video below from Topaz Labs, I will be putting together my own video very soon which I will posting here. 

If you watched the above video I am guessing you are already partially sold on the software so let’s look at the other features it has

Video Enhance AI has noise suppression features which have obviously come from the ground breaking photography editing software DeNoise AI. Again it just works and helps to smoothen out grain and high ISO noise. I have a few bits of footage I have used it on already and it works beautifully. On one instance I was taking photographs for a client and they asked could I shoot a short video video clip in their cellar and  I just pulled out my DJI Pocket camera and filmed away in 4K as it was a low light situation there was a good bit of High ISO noise on the footage so I popped it into Video Enhance AI and it cleaned it up beautifully. S o it’s massive thumbs up from me there Topaz. Video coming very soon again.
Frame Rate Conversion
Now this is a very interesting one how Video Enhance AI can not only make new frames for you clips driven by it’s AI algorithm but how amazing well it does it.
Sure there are several ways to do this and Final Cut Pro can use frame blending and optical flow to give it a somewhat realistic look but it can be jittery especially on faster moving scenes. Video Enhance AI uses it’s AI to create new frames and gives you a far smoother and more realistic feel to your footage even on fast moving scenes. Uping your frame rate for some nice cool slow mo effects even on 24 and 30 frames per second clips is suddenly now possible with Video Enhance AI.
Deinterlacing your footage on Video Enhance AI
This is again where the Topaz Labs awesome AI comes into play to deinterlace your footage and to give you a wonderfully nature and smooth result which is honestly nearly perfect with little to no artifacts in the resulting footage.
Video Enhance AI system Requirements 
What exactly do you need as a minimum to run Video Enhance AI?
Well below are the exact details I got from Topaz Labs.
Personally I am one of those people that has been stuck on an old graphics card for the last nearly two years now and Video Enhance AI does take time to run on my PC. 
I am Using 
Windows 10 
I9 9900k CPU running at 5.1 GHZ on all cores
M.2 drive with a series of ssd drives and HDDS
My bottle neck is the GPU with only 4gb it’s not exactly fast. If you have 8gb or a 12gb card you should see a serious jump in performance.
Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI minimum system requirements
Windows 10 (build 19041 v2004 and above), Windows 11
Mac 10.14 Mojave and above for CPU support
10.15 Catalina and above for GPU support

We currently do not support Linux-based operating systems.

Windows 7, 8
Video Enhance AI is not designed to run on Windows 7 or 8 and is not supported on these operating systems.

Hardware Minimum Requirements

Processor (CPU) Needs AVX2 Instructions
Intel CPUs from ~2015 | Intel HD 5000 iGPU or above
AMD CPUs from ~2016
System Memory (RAM) 8GB (16GB and higher is recommended for improved performance)  
Graphics Card (GPU) Intel HD 5000 if running on CPU
DirectX 12 compatible on Windows
All GPUs are supported on Mac 10.15 and above, including the M1
Dedicated Graphics Memory (VRAM) 2 GB (8GB or more for optimum performance)  

Special Hardware Considerations for Video Enhance AI
AI processing for each frame of video is a resource-consuming task for your computer. The specifications listed above are minimum requirements to operate the software. More robust hardware will improve overall performance and processing speed. Your computer’s ability to process a video may be affected by the size of the files and the number of frames. It is possible to exceed the resources of a minimally equipped computer and cause errant behavior.

Some computers without a dedicated graphics card may function but errant behavior should be expected. A sufficient CPU with AVX2 instructions and/or a dedicated graphics card with DirectX12 and at least 2 GB of VRAM is our minimum requirement to support the software on your device. We do not support Intel HD Graphics 4600 integrated graphics cards or lower in any configuration.

Graphics Drivers
Outdated graphics drivers may result in faulty performance. Drivers should be kept current through the GPU manufacturer’s website or provided software. Windows driver updates are rarely current and newer drivers may be available even when Windows says you are up to date. Our programs use the newest optimizations from both Nvidia and AMD whenever possible.

Thanks for reading and I hope it has answered any questions you may have. If not then please do feel free to reach out to me as I am only too happy to help.

See you out there,


15% off Discount Code.


Topaz Labs Discount Code

My Topaz Labs Discount code to give you an additional 15% off all Topaz Labs Products via their website. Simply click on the show code button below and it will automatically open the topaz labs website in a new tab. Just copy and paste the code and you save 15%.

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