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Vanguard Discount code USA

Vanguard discount code

Welcome to my Vanguard discount code page.

I am delighted to say I can offer you a Vanguard Discount code as I am working with Vanguard USA now and they have given me my own official discount code HAYES15 to give you 15% discount off on all products on the Vaguard USA website. Sadly this only applies to the USA for now, sorry to all my non USA based friends and clients.

So you get 15% off all their products on their website with code HAYES15 simply by adding the discount code at checkout on the website.

This Vanguard Discount code gives you 15% off all their camera bags, tripods, heads , binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories on their website.

Vanguard have a few incredibly good camera bags in the Vanguard ALTA SKY 51D and the ALTA SKY 45D and with 15% off all year round you could grab a bargain today.

Vanguard also make some really nice tripods like the Vanguard ALTA Pro 2+ 263CB 100 Carbon Tripod with Multi-Action Ball Head is a nice stable tripod with a good ballhead also.

For full disclosure I get a small commission if you use my discount code code but you also get 15% off. This small profit helps me maintain this website and reach out to more companies to give you some great offers.

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If you have any questions on photography products or if I can be of any help in any way then please contact me below.

Or if your company would like to work with me on promoting your products going forward which can also include reviews and testing photography products then I would love to hear from you so please contact me below.

My top picks are…

Vanguard ALTA Pro 2+ 263CB 100 Carbon Tripod with Multi-Action Ball Head


Vanguard ALTA SKY 51D Camera backpack

Vanguard ALTA SKY 45D Camera backpack

Don’t forget to use discount code HAYES15 to get a fantastic 15% off.


See you out there,