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My photography cameras and equipment to date.

Coming soon I will be describing my camera equipment, the purchases over the year including the good the bad and the plain ugly…

So my aim of this section is to help you towards the seriously good products and keep you away from the poor ones.

While some products were not necessarily bad they were a poor investment as their features weren’t right or they were just poorly constructed.

So stay with me as I slowly add to this page over the next week or two.

The first products I would praise would be the Formatt Hitech filters and their Filter holder.

There is no point going into detail here as I have a whole page dedicated to why I love their products, click here to go to that page.

To give you a bit of background history I originally started with Cokin filters then went to Lee and then onto Nisi it was only when I bought my Firecrest filters that I fell in love with their products.

So if you are interested in filters have a look at the above page.

Tripods are my next stop and this section will be here in a weeks time.